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Holidays in Trapani with children: traveling as a family, especially with children in tow, means giving up the thrill of “I’ll just leave, then we’ll see!” Everything needs to be carefully planned and organized.

That’s why choosing Trapani as a tourist destination for your holidays makes sense!

Trapani is a peaceful city on a “child-sized” scale, making it easy to move around the city with feasible and even enjoyable routes on foot. The province’s beaches are mostly equipped, providing everything needed to entertain your children while keeping them safe. Also not to be underestimated is the indulgent side of the experience with ice creams, granitas, and Carrubba candies (typical Trapani sweets), as well as the cultural aspect. Considering that culture has no age, there are indeed some “adventures” along the path of knowledge that make the whole experience more enticing for children.

– Take a well-deserved break

Their little feet may be tired, but you will surely be even more so. Enjoy a well-deserved break.

Bisbini Park (equipped area with inflatable games for children)

Lido Paradiso (equipped beach, certainly the most suitable for families)

Family activities:

Family activities:

Exploring the Fish Market

The buying and selling of fresh fish take place in the markets of Trapani, Marsala, and Mazara every early morning. Visiting the fish market is not only an enjoyable activity for those who, perhaps having booked their stay in an apartment with a kitchen, want to test their culinary skills with local fish; even children, in fact, remain fascinated and amazed by the various types of fish displayed on our stalls.

Segesta and Selinunte

The Greek temples that can be visited in the province of Trapani leave children in awe! Just like the Egyptian pyramids could! Not to mention that they are surrounded by nature, beaches, and the sea, making the scenery even more evocative and unforgettable.

Minicruises to the Egadi Islands

Are your children too small to explore the Egadi Islands on their own or by bike? Don’t give up on visiting Favignana and Levanzo! The motorboat “Costa del Sole,” departing daily from the port of Trapani, takes you on a boat tour to discover the islands. The advantages are numerous: cost-effectiveness, a meticulously organized excursion (you don’t even have to bring water with you), the possibility to move between sunny and shaded areas, a perfect mix of on-land and panoramic sea views, with minimal effort and fatigue.

The indescribable surprise, for both young and old, comes from seeing dolphins swimming alongside the motorboat during the journey from Trapani to Favignana, as often happens.